When I first started at Jet I thought I was reasonably fit, until I started our weekly training session with Jodie.

At first I could barely complete a lap of the park and wouldn't have even thought it was possible to do more than 2 push-ups in a row, now look at me willingly entering myself into different events like Tough Mudder and Oxfam.

And this is all thanks to Jodie no session is ever the same or repetitive and we are always laughing, with Jodie’s knowledge and willingness to work with everyone at their own level is great, her encouragement makes you want to work harder and reach your goals.

Working with Jodie has made a big difference to my balance, strength, overall fitness and confidence. I love the feeling that comes with the commitment to improve my health and fitness, and I get that after every session.

Bring on the next challenge I say !!!

Rebecca Lamont  

At our Global Sales and Marketing conference last year, Fisher & Paykel engaged Jodie to run fitness sessions for over 100 of our team members. With an emphasis on training, fitness & performance, Jodie was able to facilitate a positive experience for all involved. 

These sessions were run with total professionalism yet with an understanding that there was a real mixture “from fit to starting out” to gain fitness improvements! Over the week Jodie was able to educate our team on the benefits of Pilates for the individual both at work and in general day to day activities. The experience was positive and one that enhanced our teams ability to think about what it takes to perform at there best. I would have no hesitation in maximizing Jodies fitness services in the future and would certainly encourage others to utilise to gain a positive result.

Mark Pacey - National Sales Manager, Fisher & Paykel Australia Pty Ltd

I have been training with Jodie Low since August 2008.

I did a lot of sport at school, and used to be fit and trim in my teens and twenties, but by my thirties I was becoming heavier and less fit by the day. By then I was also suffering from chronic lower back pain. That’s when Jodie came to the rescue!

We started doing Pilates to strengthen my core muscles and correct my posture. After that I graduated to weight training and currently we are focussing on cardiovascular fitness and strength training.

My strength, fitness and flexibility have greatly improved over the years and recently with our focus on cardiovascular fitness, I have also lost 5% of my body weight. I know that every training session with Jodie is an investment in my future health and happiness and I am looking forward to being fitter at 40 than I was at 20.

Jodie knows how to adapt my training sessions according my needs, limitations and goals. She also keeps it interesting by introducing new exercises regularly. And she never loses her enthusiasm; I don’t know where she gets all her energy from!

Liezel Barnard

In November, I attended a training programme with Jodie as my personal trainer. I liked it a lot. I have been back,with mates, about 600 times! I still like it a lot and at 60, I am thinner, fitter and happier than I was at 54.Thank you so much Jodie. No plans to stop here!"

Geoff Pike, Partner Sparke Helmore

“Jodie is an excellent trainer. In depth knowledge of her discipline is just the tip of the iceberg. Jodie fosters a challenging environment through original exercises and caters to individual needs in addition to ‘the group’. Jodie also goes to lengths to provide a wholistic approach to achieving a more healthy lifestyle through goal setting and dietary assistance. On behalf of the team at Jet Technologies we offer our thanks for your continual efforts in our extra-curricular training.”

Daniel Malki - Jet Technologies

"I first went to Jodie's Pilates class out of pure curiosity and for an outlook into new and different things. Well I must say I haven't looked back, it's been over two months and I'm quite thoroughly enjoying it!

I currently serve in the Australian Navy, I utilise the gym regularly and I find that attending Pilates is a fantastic form of exercise which aids with my arduous fitness regime for my attempt at Commando selection in the Army, my training consists of weights, CrossFit training and running. I've discovered Pilates to be very beneficial towards my focus, flexibility and breathing, Pilates has also improved my core strength, posture, fitness and general well-being.

I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to try Pilates and with a great instructor like Jodie who is extremely friendly but also helpful as she not only explains and demonstrates the movements but also helps correct them.
Pilates is a type of exercise that you actually want to do because it makes you feel great!"

Bill - Royal Australian Navy

I have realized that there are many good Pilates instructors out there, but the truly great ones are rare. I have worked with Jodie for nearly one year. We started training at the end of July 2010.

Prior I have been doing Pilates for 3 years in Hong Kong and Sydney. In addition I have been doing gym based functional and strength training for nearly 7 years.

I came to Jodie with 3 goals in mind

1. Improve my core strength, flexibility, mobility and posture – specifically my thoracic spine, hamstrings, hip flexors and impinged left shoulder & elbow
2. Strengthen my right side of the body which is weaker than my left side
3. Progress with Pilates to learn more advanced routines

Because of Jodie’s individually tailored programs, awareness, passion and dedication, I have achieved my goals.

Jodie always keeps our workouts interesting and training balanced. She takes a holistic approach and mixes our Pilates routines with moves from strength training. One of the most important qualities to me is her sincerity – her encouragement and confidence in me is very much appreciated. I was inspired to push myself.

One of my favorite memories this year is learning a Pilates routine called The Walkover.

Since working with Jodie, I can perform better when I partake in cycling and running. I no longer suffer from a sore neck and back pain during and after my cycles. I am able to run in a more technically correct manner, which makes running a more pleasant experience.

Jodie has given me the confidence and grounding to take on a new hobby, swimming, which I stopped several years ago.

I am very impressed with Jodie’s willingness to keep improving her skills. She regularly attends fitness and Pilates conventions to be aware of the latest trend and discoveries.

Jodie is a solid character, well respected in her field and a truly great instructor.  I would not hesitate to recommend Jodie for any endeavor she chooses.

Neil Wong