Staying on top of your business is your goal, keeping you there is ours!

With companies losing billions of dollars each year to illness, stress, depression and lack of productivity, Corporate group sessions are a great solution for the business and its employees.  The company will benefit from a motivated workforce who feels that importance has been placed on their well being, whilst having the opportunity to build a happier, healthier and more productive workplace.

With the convenience of us coming to you and providing  fun, innovative and varied workouts, which not only increase fitness, strength and overall health, but also increases team moral and camaraderie, in a healthy environment outside the office. 

Our aim is to help steer individuals towards a healthier existence and create a positive work culture.  

We achieve this through sessions that are tailored to meet the needs of the group.  Sessions are motivating, challenging and designed to deliver against the goals of the group and the individuals within.

Sessions include boxing, high and low intensity workouts and the latest equipment and techniques, with plenty of variety to ensure fresh challenges. It’s a win, win!

“Jodie is an excellent trainer. In depth knowledge of her discipline is just the tip of the iceberg. Jodie fosters a challenging environment through original exercises and caters to individual needs in addition to ‘the group’. Jodie also goes to lengths to provide a wholistic approach to achieving a more healthy lifestyle through goal setting and dietary assistance. On behalf of the team at Jet Technologies we offer our thanks for your continual efforts in our extra-curricular training.”
Daniel Malki - Jet Technologies