Time is precious, convenience is priceless.

Enliven your employee’s bodies throughout the day, without having to leave the office. We come to you.

Back pain, shoulder pain and a stiff body, are common ailments of deskbound bodies and the stress of the work environment, but this can be a thing of the past with regular Pilates.  It’s an intelligent form of exercise that not only develops core strength, strengthens stretches and mobilises your body, but also creates an overall sense of well being and calms the mind.

Employees’ will be able to utilise Pilate’s principles in their daily office activities.  

All that is needed is a conference room of an adequate size. We recommend 15 people maximum per class, to ensure individual attention and feedback by the Instructor. For hygienic reasons, each participant is required to provide their own mat (which we can supply at a reduced price) or towel, providing the room is carpeted.

"I first went to Jodie's Pilates class out of pure curiosity and for an outlook into new and different things. Well I must say I haven't looked back, it's been over two months and I'm quite thoroughly enjoying it! 

I currently serve in the Australian Navy, I utilise the gym regularly and I find that attending Pilates is a fantastic form of exercise which aids with my arduous fitness regime for my attempt at Commando selection in the Army, my training consists of weights, CrossFit training and running. I've discovered Pilates to be very beneficial towards my focus, flexibility and breathing, Pilates has also improved my core strength, posture, fitness and general well-being. 

I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to try Pilates and with a great instructor like Jodie who is extremely friendly but also helpful as she not only explains and demonstrates the movements but also helps correct them. Pilates is a type of exercise that you actually want to do because it makes you feel great!"
Bill - Australian Royal Navy