Corporate events are not only fun, but they can bring your team closer together.

When planning your next event, consider kick-starting or breaking up your day with a Pilates session. Energise the body and calm the mind with sensible yet challenging moves to improve core strength, posture, breathing and overall sense of well-being. The perfect way to wake the body and help stay focused and alert throughout the day.

Alternatively an outdoor group session, is a great way to get get the blood pumping everyone fired up for the day ahead. Oxygenate and invigorate the body in the fresh air, challenging yet fun training sessions with an emphasis on partner and group activities.

So no matter what your corporate event might be why not talk to us to ensure that your team is ready to put forth their full efforts for the day.

At our Global Sales and Marketing conference last year, Fisher & Paykel engaged Jodie to run fitness sessions for over 100 of our team members. With an emphasis on training, fitness & performance, Jodie was able to facilitate a positive experience for all involved. 

These sessions were run with total professionalism yet with an understanding that there was a real mixture “from fit to starting out” to gain fitness improvements! Over the week Jodie was able to educate our team on the benefits of Pilates for the individual both at work and in general day to day activities. The experience was positive and one that enhanced our teams ability to think about what it takes to perform at there best. I would have no hesitation in maximizing Jodies fitness services in the future and would certainly encourage others to utilise to gain a positive result.

Mark Pacey - National Sales Manager, Fisher & Paykel Australia Pty Ltd