Jodie Low is a high profile personal trainer who specialises in both corporate groups and 1-1 personal training. Jodie has developed her career and helped 100's of people to lose weight, increase fitness levels, improve posture, reduce stress levels and maintain a healthy lifestyles. 

As a former winner of Miss Fitness Australia and a representative of Australia in the Miss World's competition for 2 years running, Jodie has the ability to share coaching techniques from some of the world's best coaches.

Jodie has also worked as a TV co presenter on exercise programs such as Crunch, AOS, Gymvision and Inside Sport.

Today she is dedicated to the provision of professional training and best known for the excellent services she provides to groups of people within corporate business. Jodie is focused on delivering tailored solutions that serve the needs of businesses and individuals.

Jodie is dedicated to helping clients not only reach their goals and full potential, but also enable people to become happy, healthier and more confident in every part of life.

We are fully qualified, insured and registered with Fitness Australia

Here are some of our corporate clients: